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Purplefeather's Purpose

Purplefeather is a hand-picked team of wizardly wordsmiths, social media and marketing mavens and SEO superheroes. We work with clients just like you from across the world, helping you get to the heart of your brand and connect emotionally with your customers.

'The Power of Words' Youtube Sensation

We created 'The Power of Words' video in 2010 to showcase our respect for language.

The video draws on concepts and ideas that have been around in various forms for years and we have always credited it as a direct homage to 'The Story of a Sign' by Alonso Alverez Barreda. Its success lies in its brevity, emotional music, its powerful message and the reminder that we can change our worlds by changing our words.

Although the video was created and submitted to YouTube in 2010, it wasn't an instant success, and actually sat for a year with a few hundred views. It was only when we decided to 'seed' it using social media on the Easter weekend of 2011, that it grew wings. In a single weekend it was viewed by over a million people!

The Power of Words has since developed a life of its own and has been caught up in global events. To date it has had more than 25 million views and is climbing daily. It played a part in the Arab Spring and has even been picked up by politicians, keen to align themselves with its message. It gave hope and inspiration to soldiers in Libya and has been featured as one of YouTube's Top 10 favourites of all time.

We were delighted when our home-grown little video won an award from the North Atlantic Film Council of America and was shortlisted for the inaugural Lovie Awards alongside contenders such as U2 and The Huffington Post.

It's Your Time to Shine

Purplefeather is proof that a healthy dollop of vision and a few well-chosen words can take you anywhere you want to go. We really can get you and your customers on the same page.

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