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What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO or organic Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of visitors to your website via free search engines. Simply put, it means more people will find you online when searching for the products and services that you offer, before they find your competitors.
Website & Search Engine Report

We'll evaluate your existing website and its search engine performance so you know where you're starting from.

Magnetise Visitors to your Website

By targeting specific keywords for your product, service and location, your site will stand out like a beacon in a forest.

Convert more Visitors into Customers

Our tried and tested conversion techniques will encourage folks to stick around, bringing them one step closer to becoming valued customers.

Set for Success

With all the best online marketing tools in place, you can sit back and watch your profits grow!

why SEO?

5 Solid Reasons to Engage an SEO Agency

Targeted Advertising
Advertise 24/7
Customer Buying Habits
High Return on Investment
Better than Pay Per Click

SEO is the only form of marketing that puts your name in front of potential customers at the exact moment they're ready to make a buying decision.

Increase your Web Traffic

Is your website getting the local, national or international attention it deserves? We'll turbo-boost your traffic without it costing the earth.

Ideal Customers

A combination of local online marketing with a healthy dash of national search terms will bring customers from near and far.

Data Segmentation

Targeting the right customers is a piece of cake when you have accurate marketplace data at your fingertips. Explore the full potential of your online business.

Global Trust

Purplefeather is trusted by clients the world over to deliver consistent search engine rankings. Join our family.

The beauty of having a website that ranks high in the search engines is that it's in front of your potential customers' eyes no matter what time of day or night they're searching for the product or service that you offer.

Around the Clock

Front of mind, peace of mind. Getting your website onto those top search engine spots means you'll be found 24/7 for the keywords that speak to your customers.

Search and Find

You have no control over when your audience will be searching for what you offer. But together we can influence how likely they are to find you.

The online marketplace has never been so crowded. That's why it's so important to stand out from the masses. Because people can search for your business around the clock, you need to make sure they FIND YOU before your competitors. We can help.

According to Google research, 70% of search engine users never venture beyond the first page of search results. Whether your ideal customer is just researching or actively ready to buy, you know where your business needs to be.

Achieve Page 1 Rankings

Most users will NEVER travel past Page 1 of search engine results, so we'll make sure you're there. But we don't just stop at Page 1...

Looking for You

97% of consumers search for local businesses online and 83% follow up with a purchase or in-store visit.

Advertise 24/7

No matter what time or timezone your customers start searching for you, we'll make sure you're ALWAYS open for business.

Targeted Advertising

You will only appear for people actively searching for exactly what you offer.

SEO continues to increase in popularity because of its low costs and high return on investment when compared to other forms of advertising or marketing.

Keyword Analysis

Finding the most effective keywords is a blend of art and science. Our keyword research and analysis takes the guesswork out of it.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We'll also optimise your website to increase its conversion rate, giving you the best return on your investment possible.

Did you know that the No. 1 position in search engine results receives 33% of all clicks? Achieving 1st place with a well-planned SEO campaign can be extremely lucrative.

80% of Google users trust organic results more than sponsored ads. Both have their place in a well-structured SEO campaign, but organic search will always be the best long-term strategy.

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