Google Adwords Marketing

Getting the best out of your PPC Campaigns


What is Google Adwords or PPC?

Need instant customers? PPC or pay per click advertising is one of the quickest and most effective ways to attract new business and is the ONLY way to guarantee your business will show up on the first page of Google.
Customers and Enquiries on-tap

A superhighway to the search engines through a crafty combination of search terms and local targeted ads.

Targeted Traffic

We'll increase your traffic without having to build your online presence.

Consistent Conversions

We'll place your message right in front of the people you want to attract and guide them to specific landing pages that convert lookers into bookers.

Lower Cost per Click

By improving your Ad Quality Score we can keep a tight rein on your budget and get you more for less.


Pep up your PPC Results

Better Ad Positioning
Keyword Research
Ad Copy Writing
Monthly Reports

With a managed PPC Campaign all your ads will have a high quality score. So your ads will cost less yet be seen more. This means you'll pay less per click than a competitor yet still have your ad above theirs. What's not to love?

Increase website visitors

Get an instant, steady flow of enquiries and website visitors who know what they want.

Boost Your Brand

More bang for your buck by being featured in the sponsored listings.

Make your words work harder for you and save money. Our keyword research will fine-tune the very best keyphrases for your business and get you noticed faster.

Stronger ROI

Targeting and placing the best keywords in the right order will improve your return on investment.

No More Wasted Ad Spend

Irrelevant clicks cost you money. We help you target the right keywords so you only spend your money on keywords that convert.

The best ad copywriters can write spellbinding stories in less than 15 words. We've got them on speed dial!

Relevance is Everything

Honed and bevelled keyword-rich ad copy that's tuned in tight to your landing pages.

We Don't Sleep...

...until we know which ads perform best for you. Continuous testing improves your click-through rate dramatically.

Some call us the 'Bear Grylls' of the online world. We can sniff out exactly which keywords are generating enquiries for your business using conversion tracking. So you know precisely what you're getting for your investment.

No More Guesswork

Micro-tracking allows us a rare insight into what works and what doesn't online.

Ongoing Optimisation

Using the data we gather from tracking we can continue to optimise your campaign, reducing your adspend and increasing ad positions in the process

With a managed PPC campaign, you'll get a monthly snapshot of exactly how your campaign is performing. Our detailed reports show you which keywords are your best converters alongside your return on investment that month.

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