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We’ve just been having a tea break in the office and talking about made-up words. It started when I told Andrea that elephants are called ‘slebies’ in my family because for some unknown reason, my two year old brother named them as such. 16 years down the line – nothing’s changed! While it might make us seem a bit mad, it’s a nice feeling to be part of a secret club, all bound together by a word that is totally unique to us.

It made me think – maybe he was on to something? Maybe my two year old brother was a branding genius? You see, by creating a community around your brand, with a strong sense of shared and unique identity, you are laying the foundations for a loyal following of brand ‘fans’. They identify with your values and feel like they are a special part of your ‘family’. Just think of Justin Bieber and his adoring Beliebers and you’ll see how powerful a dictionary and a touch of artistic licence can be!

So have a ponder. How can you use the power of words (but not as we know them) to make your brand an integral part of your audience’s identity?

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  1. miworldblogJane 5 years ago

    Brilliant – and a great trip down memory lane with the video too! Loved Mary Poppins!

    • Alex 5 years ago

      Thanks Jane, I’m glad you liked the article. Mary Poppins is great, isn’t she? I’ll be singing ‘Just a spoon full of sugar . . .’ all day long!

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