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3 Secrets of a Top Travel Copywriter

by May 29th, 2013 2 Comments


You know how on your first couple of days of a holiday, it can sometimes be hard to switch off? The cogs in your mind are still whirring at office-pace and as hard as you try, you can’t help but have a couple of little thoughts about work.

Well that’s what happened to me last week, when I went to stay in a Normandy chateau, in the history steeped village of Sainte-Marie-Du-Mont. It’s a magnificent building; grand from the outside, but homely and comfortable on the inside. There were regal double poster beds in every bedroom, and perhaps the pièce de résistance was the medieval banqueting hall. I couldn’t have imagined a place I’d rather be. Yet when I tried to translate my feelings on to a post card – the words eluded me! At that moment it occurred to me how much I admire the PurpleFeather travel copywriters.  I started to think – what’s the secret of their success?

Secret 1: They transport the reader to the destination with rich and detailed descriptions. Images of actually being there sipping champagne make the reader believe they are there already.

Secret 2: Offer escapism, experience, adventure, peace. Appealing to all senses in a short piece can be hard. Think about how you would describe it to a friend without boring them – not at all generic.  

Secret 3: It was easy for me to send my postcard to the intended audience – all I had to do was include a stamp and address. But how do our copywriters ensure that their ideal audience are directed to the relevant article or web page? Keyword research! Keywords are carefully selected and integrated into copy to ensure that it is optimised for search engines. More advice on keyword research.

For more details of how we have helped travel industry clients increase their online conversions, take a look at our portfolio. 

Do you think you could benefit from working with our travel copywriting team? If you have a project you’d like us to consider, drop us a line at hello@purplefeather.co.uk 


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  1. Julia McCoy 5 years ago

    Great blog. I like how you correlated keyword research to a postcard!

    Are you looking for writers currently? My team at ExpressWriters.com is taking work.

  2. Alex 5 years ago

    Thanks Julia! If you’re interested in writing for PurpleFeather, drop me an email at hello@purplefeather.co.uk

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